Sustainable infrastructure for the climate transition

This GI Hub initiative on Transition Pathways for Sustainable Infrastructure seeks to provide actionable data and insights to support governments, their development partners, and advisors to develop strategic infrastructure plans aligned with the climate transition and SDGs.

As part of the next phase of work for this initiative, the GI Hub will be developing a decisionmaking tool for infrastructure planning that aims to tackle the three levels of strategic planning – goal setting, strategy development, and mechanisms of implementation.

The GI Hub is looking for partners for the development of the tool, which will support infrastructure planning for climate-resilient infrastructure.

We are seeking knowledge and funding partners who can support:

  • Convening end users (governments and policymakers) to inform the scope and design of the decisionmaking tool
  • Gathering data on goals and strategies, to update and expand the current data set to include recent plans and new regions
  • Gathering data to better understand the benefits, impact, and investment gap for sustainable infrastructure
  • Contributing case studies that demonstrate effective implementation, including policies, incentives, funding, financing, de-risking, delivery models, and InfraTech
  • Developing data-driven insights to support decisionmaking in the strategic planning process.

Monica Bennett, Director of Thought Leadership

Monica leads the development, delivery, and dissemination of the GI Hub’s innovation-focused programs, including InfraTech, Transition Pathways for Sustainable Infrastructure, infrastructure taxonomies, and Infrastructure and the Circular Economy. Monica leads a team that provides data, case studies, frameworks, and programs that help drive infrastructure transformation globally. Before joining the GI Hub, Monica spent 17 years in technology, innovation, and engineering consulting, including 10 years establishing a boutique consultancy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Candice Nguyen, Infrastructure Specialist

Candice works across various initiatives to support research, analysis, insights, and policy development. Her current focus is the GI Hub’s Transition Pathways for Sustainable Infrastructure program. Prior to joining the GI Hub, Candice worked across a range of infrastructure sectors and led the delivery of projects across the asset lifecycle including economic appraisal, business case development, asset management strategy, and technical due diligence.